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Our Vision

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If there is a place on earth which can truly be called a textiles haven, then it is Bangladesh. The textile and garment industry is the largest employment providing industry in Bangladesh, accounting for a substantial proportion of the country’s GDP. It is a country poor in resources but rich in spirit. Low production costs coupled with a highly productive work-force make Bangladesh one of the most cost efficient places in the world to produce garments. The textile and garment industry in Bangladesh is concentrated around the areas of Dhaka and Chittagong. The investment in manufacturing infrastructure has been impressive over recent years and there are now a number of factories equipped with the latest state-of-the-art achinery. Circular knits as well as flat knit products, [due to Import duty advantages], continue to be in very strong demand. Located in Dhaka, the Fashion Village BD. comprises a team of professionals who interact closely with our customers and factories to ensure that orders are executed in accordance to expectation. Our company team is a dynamic mix of expatriates and local professionals. We have extensive experience in the sourcing of both woven and knits.

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Contact Person

Md. Fayzul Hoque Litu Khan

Cell: +8801682103440

Cell: +8801763730022

Email: fashionvillagebd@hotmail.com

Contact us

House @ 20 (2nd Floor), Road # 6/A,

Sector-05, Uttara,Dhaka-1230. Bangladesh.

Tel: +8802 7914718

Cell: +8801911921732

Skype: litu_khan


Capacity of TNS

TNS Have The following number of machine to supply the order.

  • 3gg 800M/c
  • 5gg 700m/c
  • 7gg 700m/c
  • 12gg 1200m/c

Factory information

Factory Name
factory address

phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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